Pinspiration: Light Pink

Warm weather makes me yearn for warmer colors, and light pink is a great transitional spring hue! Bring your home and wardrobe out of winter’s monochrome with a pop of subtle color and celebrate the rebirth of warm weather.

Pinspiration: Light Pink | Rompadomp

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Did you know that pink isn’t really on the color wheel with our good friends ROYGBIV? The color pink is really just an absence of green light! Neat, huh? Wanna learn a little more? Watch this one minute video on how the color pink is made:

Glad we could learn something together today, friends! So is your favorite color still “minus green”? :)

xo Chelsea

Pinspiration: Essie 2014 Spring Collection

It’s that exciting time of the year again: that’s right, the new Essie collection is out! I am a huge fan of Essie nail polishes for both their easy-to-apply formula and distinctive colors, so I try to grab a new polish whenever they release a collection (if I don’t already own several of basically the same color, that is!). The Spring collection is on-par with their recent collections, having a few unique shades and some remixes of old favorites.

Essie 2014 Spring Collection | Rompadomp

These are great shades for spring, with a fun mix of bold and subtle. Here’s how Essie is describing the colors:

  • Hide & Go Chic – I see you! Covetable azure blue is ever elusive but impossible to miss – it’s love at first mani.
  • Fashion Playground – Fun and games just met their match. This plucky pistachio green with subtle shimmer flirts with forever and plays for keeps.
  • Romper Room – Make way for the new kid on the block. This pretty pale tea rose pink knows how to work the room: stylishly.
  • Spin the Bottle – Close your eyes. When you give this flirty, semi-sheer nude a whirl, be prepared to pucker-up.
  • Style Hunter – Bright. Hot. Laser-focused. This pure crimson is a chic-seeking missile that always gets exactly what it’s looking for.
  • Truth or Flare – Sexy. Fun. Totally glamorous. Vintage blue denim fits perfectly, honestly, these jeans always make you look fab.

You can guess which is our favorite, right? I absolutely cannot wait to grab a bottle of Romper Room! It looks like a slightly more pigmented version of Ballet Slippers, which you guys already know I love! Hopefully I can get my hands on Romper Room soon and share the formulation and actual color with you, but until then I would love to see your own pics if you’ve already tried any of the 2014 Spring colors! Check out some Pinspiration based on these beautiful shades below:

Pinspiration: Essie 2014 Spring Collection | Rompadomp

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What do you think about the Essie collection? Which color is your favorite? Do you think the items I chose match the feeling of the nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below! I’m so excited to share this post with you, I hope you enjoyed it xo

Blog Updates — A New Lifestyle

Guys, I am so excited that I have finally had the time to import my old fashion and lifestyle blog, Aphrodite Perception, into Rompadomp’s interface! While Rompadomp is a design company, I also find that I take inspiration and joy from my everyday life that helps me feel better and do better work for my clients. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed some snapshots of moments from my everyday life. So, welcome to the updated Rompadomp, now including lifestyle posts! I’m excited to announce this change and I can’t wait to take you guys on my new journey to document my crazy life and love of design.

Here’s some of my favorite Instagram moments from February:

Inspiration: Graphic Workout Clothes

Sometimes exercising can be a total drag, but cute and highly functional athletic wear always gives me the inspiration to get my workout on! Recently I’ve spotted a ton of graphic workout outfits on Pinterest that have me falling head-over-heels in love with their unique, feminine accents. Art + function, does it get any better than that?

Need a little inspiration to get your sweat on today? I love the clean lines of these looks. Check out some of my favorites below!

For more cute outfits, check out my Pinterest board “Graphic Workout Wear” HERE! What do you guys think of the new artsy take on exercise clothes? Which of the outfits is your favorite? Do you think fashion and design make sense together? Let me know in the comments!

So When You’re Cold…

So When You're Cold Quote

In case you haven’t heard, it’s cold. Very cold. Record-breaking cold for this time of year. Every social media site has been blowing up with my friends and followers alerting me to this fact. But we shouldn’t let the cold outside affect what we feel on the inside.

Winter is a very complex time of the year, when many people suffer from seasonal depression and sadness. It’s also when many people stay tucked away in their homes and become recluses. Let’s try something different together this year — let’s make an effort to be more connected.

January is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Haven’t worn those clothes all year? Donate them. Feeling unhealthy from all the holiday meals? Set up a workout schedule. Haven’t set up a Skype date with you BFF in awhile? Call her up.

This year let’s try to become more loving, healthier, kinder, and, most importantly, let’s make an effort to communicate better. Why are we afraid to call up our friends on the phone? Why do we fear being called a “creeper” if we post comments on old Facebook photos? Why don’t we share our thoughts when something touches our lives us in some way? Share the warmth of your friendship (starting now!) and your heart will keep you warm during this cold spell and on into 2014.