So When You’re Cold…

So When You're Cold Quote

In case you haven’t heard, it’s cold. Very cold. Record-breaking cold for this time of year. Every social media site has been blowing up with my friends and followers alerting me to this fact. But we shouldn’t let the cold outside affect what we feel on the inside.

Winter is a very complex time of the year, when many people suffer from seasonal depression and sadness. It’s also when many people stay tucked away in their homes and become recluses. Let’s try something different together this year — let’s make an effort to be more connected.

January is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Haven’t worn those clothes all year? Donate them. Feeling unhealthy from all the holiday meals? Set up a workout schedule. Haven’t set up a Skype date with you BFF in awhile? Call her up.

This year let’s try to become more loving, healthier, kinder, and, most importantly, let’s make an effort to communicate better. Why are we afraid to call up our friends on the phone? Why do we fear being called a “creeper” if we post comments on old Facebook photos? Why don’t we share our thoughts when something touches our lives us in some way? Share the warmth of your friendship (starting now!) and your heart will keep you warm during this cold spell and on into 2014.


Pinspiration: Cream

I’ve been living in my cream Calvin Klein scarf recently because it’s been so chilly! Here are some of my recent pins that focus on the color cream and it’s wintertime appeal:

Pinspiration: Cream

Pencils | Sweater

Cups | Dress

Cream is the perfect mix of a warm color with cold weather to me. It’s not so pristine, but, rather, loved and used.

What are your cold weather must haves? It just isn’t a perfect winter day without a comfy scarf and a cup of tea for me!