15 Activities to Kick Start Your Summer

Photo Credit: Coley Christine Catalano via Unsplash

Summer officially starts today! That means more free time and warm days to spend quality time with friends, family, and, most importantly, yourself. (I’m celebrating with some ice cold lemonade and a book!) Even if you only have your weekends free, there’s still lots of summer activities that you can do on a budget and have a blast. Here’s a small list of 15 ideas to help kick off your summer for relatively cheap!

1. Read a Book (free!)

2. Tour a Cavern ($5 – 25): Schools are out, so you’re unlikely to end up on a tour with a bunch of fourth graders! Be sure to bring a light jacket!

3. Go on a Hike (free!)

4. Host a Potluck (cost of a dish or two)

5. Go Urban Exploring (parking costs, if required): How much do you really know about your locality? Walk around your local farmer’s market or visit some small businesses this weekend. You’re sure to find some unique items and maybe even your new favorite place to meet up with friends for some grub!

6. Pick Your Own Local Produce (depends on how much you pick, usually starting around $2/lb.): Tons of fruits and veggies are ripe for the picking in summer! Visit a local farm or orchard and grab some healthy, delicious snacks for a great price.

7. Visit a Museum (most only have charges for special exhibitions)

8. Go to a Drive In Theatre ($5 – 10)

9. Try a New Hobby (free!): Always wanted to bike on a trail, play the guitar, or go rock climbing? Summer is the perfect time to practice, practice, practice!

10. Play in the Rain (free!): We’re expecting quite a bit of rain this week in Southwest Virginia. Make the most of it and run around outside in your bathing suit — it’s like a free sprinkler!

11. Attend a Wine Tasting ($20 – 25)

12. Go Stargazing (free!): When did you last lay outside on a blanket and just enjoy feel small among the stars? Grab a friend and head away from the city for some quiet time with the universe.

13. Float the River ($5 – 10 if you need to rent tubes)

14. Take a Road Trip (cost of gas)

15. Host a Movie Marathon (free): Feeling lost without the excitement of a new Harry Potter movie coming out this summer? Or are you like me and have just recently started watching Game of Thrones? Call up some friends, pop some popcorn, and prepare the couch for a good old-fashioned movie marathon! Check out Netflix’s TV shows if you don’t know where to start: Sherlock, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, An Idiot Abroad, the list goes on… thank me later.


What fun plans do you have for this summer? What are your go-to favorite summer activities? Let me know in the comments! xo

Marbelous: Handmade Jewelry Inspires Friendship and a Better World


Today I’m very excited to share with you guys a company that is giving, loving, and super cute! Entrepreneurs come in all sizes, as is the case with the two 8-year-old best friends who started Marbelous, a handmade necklace business based in Brooklyn. Lutece and Tess, who dreamed of creating a company that revolved around art, friendship, and making the world a better place, are certainly off to a wonderful start! Marbelous donates 10% of their profits to Autism Speaks and are known for using cute catchphrases such as “how MARBELOUS” — could they be more LOVEly? :)

Smart Girls Necklace by Marbelous | Rompadomp

Each necklace is a unique symbol of fashion, giving, and spirit. Due to the handmade nature, each piece’s coloring is slightly different, making it unique to the individual who wears it. All the necklaces feature a hand-stamped M for “Marbelous” and come on either silk cord or suede lace, adding to their simple and chic charm. Many big names have been seen wearing Marbelous necklaces, including Amy Poehler, a comedian most well-known for her work on SNL and Parks and Recreation. Her Smart Girls Campaign collaborated with Marbelous to create a special edition Smart Girls necklace. The glow-in-the-dark neon yellow and black marble represent the Smart Girls logo as an homage to the light bulb!

Today marks the launch of their website, although the company has been operating through both in-person and mail-orders since May 2013. I was fortunate to buy one of their LOVE necklaces (limited edition), and I am absolutely enamored with it! Unlike the other necklaces, this one has the letters LOVE hand-stamped on the marble and now comes with a gold sliding bead, allowing you to adjust the length to your preference. I grabbed mine before they included the slider beads, but I love the length of the necklace, 36 inches, as-is! LOVE necklace by Marbelous | Rompadomp

Please be sure to check out Lutece and Tess’s amazing business and even grab one for yourself if you fall in love! For large orders of over 50 they can even create a one-of-a-kind design hand-stamped with custom initials just for you! How cool is that? Support art, friendship, and a better world. Hope you all have a MARBELOUS day! :) xo

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EDIT: Thank you for the news feature, Marbelous! You guys can check it out here: “Rompadomp jewelry design blogger brags about Marbelous

Pinspiration: Light Pink

Warm weather makes me yearn for warmer colors, and light pink is a great transitional spring hue! Bring your home and wardrobe out of winter’s monochrome with a pop of subtle color and celebrate the rebirth of warm weather.

Pinspiration: Light Pink | Rompadomp

Sweets | Pencils

Vanity | Flowers

Did you know that pink isn’t really on the color wheel with our good friends ROYGBIV? The color pink is really just an absence of green light! Neat, huh? Wanna learn a little more? Watch this one minute video on how the color pink is made:

Glad we could learn something together today, friends! So is your favorite color still “minus green”? :)

xo Chelsea

Pinspiration: Essie 2014 Spring Collection

It’s that exciting time of the year again: that’s right, the new Essie collection is out! I am a huge fan of Essie nail polishes for both their easy-to-apply formula and distinctive colors, so I try to grab a new polish whenever they release a collection (if I don’t already own several of basically the same color, that is!). The Spring collection is on-par with their recent collections, having a few unique shades and some remixes of old favorites.

Essie 2014 Spring Collection | Rompadomp

These are great shades for spring, with a fun mix of bold and subtle. Here’s how Essie is describing the colors:

  • Hide & Go Chic – I see you! Covetable azure blue is ever elusive but impossible to miss – it’s love at first mani.
  • Fashion Playground – Fun and games just met their match. This plucky pistachio green with subtle shimmer flirts with forever and plays for keeps.
  • Romper Room – Make way for the new kid on the block. This pretty pale tea rose pink knows how to work the room: stylishly.
  • Spin the Bottle – Close your eyes. When you give this flirty, semi-sheer nude a whirl, be prepared to pucker-up.
  • Style Hunter – Bright. Hot. Laser-focused. This pure crimson is a chic-seeking missile that always gets exactly what it’s looking for.
  • Truth or Flare – Sexy. Fun. Totally glamorous. Vintage blue denim fits perfectly, honestly, these jeans always make you look fab.

You can guess which is our favorite, right? I absolutely cannot wait to grab a bottle of Romper Room! It looks like a slightly more pigmented version of Ballet Slippers, which you guys already know I love! Hopefully I can get my hands on Romper Room soon and share the formulation and actual color with you, but until then I would love to see your own pics if you’ve already tried any of the 2014 Spring colors! Check out some Pinspiration based on these beautiful shades below:

Pinspiration: Essie 2014 Spring Collection | Rompadomp

Roses | Lights | Butterflies

Dress | Door | Typewriter

What do you think about the Essie collection? Which color is your favorite? Do you think the items I chose match the feeling of the nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below! I’m so excited to share this post with you, I hope you enjoyed it xo

Design Love: 2014 Oscars Infographic

I love infographics. Something about the clean, simple design combined with organized data just calls to me. I stumbled across this amazing one by Mediarun that’s in the spirit of one of the biggest fashion events of the year, the Oscars. Get ready for the March 2nd air date by checking out every dress worn by the Best Actress Academy Award winners and fall in love with the adorable illustrations in this design:

Oscar Dresses | Mediarun


And in case you’re interested in images of the real dresses, here’s a quick view of the past 20 Best Actresses in the last 20 years:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995 | 1994

Do you share my love of clean design? What do you think the winner will be wearing this year? Which dress from the past is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! xo