Pinspiration: Midnight Blue

I’ve been living in my winter nail polish shades, one of my favorites of which is Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles. It’s a modern take on the classic black, supplying a small amount of color that appears flattering on all skin tones and looks both professional and fun.

Essie's Bobbing for Baubles

Check out some other beautiful midnight blue color inspirations below:

Pinspiration: Midnight Blue

Snowflakes | Moon Print

Chair + Table | Heels

Hope everyone is having a restful Christmas week! xo

Artbusters #1: vG

Artbusters #1

I want to introduce a fun little game on the blog today called ArtBusters, which I have played in variations for a few years. Artbusters is a play on the game of Rockbusters, created by Karl Pilkington, in which a shoddy clue and initials are given to the guesser to help them guess the band or, in our case, the art term. An example would be: “The little girl is hungry; what shall we do? (F)“, in which case the answer would be “Feeder“. (Get it? It’s all a load of “craptic” clues. If you want to read more about it, you can go HERE.)

So to start us off I picked an easy one! Here’s ArtBusters #1:

Exclamation when you’re stuck behind a large vehicle in traffic (vG)

Know the answer? Comment below! Who knows, I might give out little prizes to whoever guesses correctly if people play!

What do you think about ArtBusters? Should I expand it to contain books, or maybe common brands? Let me know :)

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Pinspiration: Tangerine

Recently one of my designer friends, Brittany Newman, posted her beautiful orange-hued design project on Facebook and I was so inspired by the colors! They are the perfect subdued oranges that make you really, really want a delicious Creamsicle or maybe an orange soda — yum! Check out her adorable design of a hipster deer and two other tangerine images below:

Pinspiration: Tangerine

Deer | Bird | Tomatoes

How amazingly cute is her design? Brittany is an Interior Architecture & Design senior at JMU and a very hard-working designer with a cool, modern style. We love you here at Rompadomp, Brittany! :)

What do you think of the color tangerine? Are you inspired by Brittany’s or the other designs? Let us know in the comments below! xo